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Tank Cure is an epoxy based inner coating for steel gas tanks. It can be used to coat new tanks before priming and painting. Also great to fix rusted gas tanks, even with small leakages at the bottom. It gives a tough coating that will last for years and is also resistant to fuel containing up to 10% Ethanol.
•For new steel tanks use Tank Cure Cleaner before applying Tank Cure Epoxy Coating.
•For aluminum tanks use Tank Cure Aluminum Tank Cleaner, than Tank Cure Aluminum Tank Primer and finally apply Tank Cure Epoxy Coating.
•For rusted tanks use Tank Cure Steel Tank Cleaner, than Tank Cure Rust Remover and finally apply Tank Cure Epoxy Coating.
•Tanks that need a new internal coating because the old one has come to the end of its life span must be cleaned with Epoxy Remover first.
•Tank Cure products come with detailed instructions. Read carefully and make sure you understand them completely before use. You are using chemicals which are harmful when used incorrect.
•It takes 7 days before you can use the tank as the Tank Cure Epoxy Coating has to dry out completely.
Not for use with plastic, fiberglass or any other composite material tanks due to chemical reaction.


Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
752900 Tank Cure Steel Tank Cleaner € 12,45
Tank Cure Aluminum Tank Cleaner € 12,54
Tank Cure Aluminum Tank Primer € 43,39
Optional Thinner for Tank Cure Primer for aluminum tanks € 11,06
752901 Tank Cure Rust Remover € 12,45
752902 Tank Cure Epoxy Remover € 24,28
752903 450gr. Tank Cure Epoxy Coating for tanks up to 20 liters (5.3 Gallon) € 32,21
752904 600gr. Tank Cure Epoxy Coating for tanks up to 26 liters (6.9 Gallon) € 41,03

Recommended Retail Prices include 21.00% sales tax.

Prices exclude shipping, import duties and installation.