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We have created a Sportster frame with the same sleek design as our Wide Tail Softail frame. The Sportail frame features a "Stretched Low-Rider" look, is made from thick wall quality tubing and TIG-welded for improved strength and road holding without disturbing the lines. To obtain the sleek stretched Low-Rider look the steering head is raked to 38 degrees. This requires a 4" to 8" overstock fork depending on the wheel and tire size used. The engine is located with no offset in the frame and a rear frame section wide enough to accept extra wide tires. The Sportail SuperAss, is wide enough to take up to 250 wide rear tires. In combination with final belt drive. The SuperAss requires an off-set front pulley or a spacer behind the front pulley. Pulley cover requires spacing. The length of the frame requires the use of a drive belt with approx. 135 teeth. Mounts for a Big Twin side stand and Big Twin forward controls as well as 1974 to present Sportster forward controls are welded in place. Stock style Narrow or Wide Glide forks as well as our state-of-the-art Ceriani forks can be used with the frame, it will also accept many other Custom front forks. The frame will take any 1974 thru 1985 Ironhead Sportster engines as well as 4 Speed and 1986 thru 2003 style 5 Speed Evolution Sportster engines. Because of the right hand final drive the stock style Softail oil tank does not fit, therefore our special Sportail style oil tank or a custom made oil tank such as our Custom Round oil tank must be used. The frame is designed to take Softail type parts and accessories such as Flat Side tanks, forward controls, seats and 1989 thru 1999 Softail shock absorbers. Due to the completely different shape of the swingarm a Rigid Frame type rear caliper kit must be used. 1989 thru 1999 Softail shock absorbers can be found elsewhere in this section.
Zodiac Sportail frames are TÜV approved as a replacement frame for Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles. They may be used in combination with our TÜV approved GCB front forks and/or any other TÜV approved components.


Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
236207 Complete Sportail "SuperAss" frame kit (for 250 tire) € 3.366,26 € 2.110,48

Replacement kit parts
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
236171 Sportail frame only -
237652 Wide-Tail rear axle with washers and nut, chrome € 65,50 € 52,40
236200 Sportail SuperAss swingarm only € 861,85 € 689,48
236432 Super-Ass rear axle with washers and nut, chrome € 91,90
237653 Stainless pivot bolt with chrome spacers € 65,40 € 52,32
782023 Swingarm bearing with circlip, each, Evolution Softail 1984-1999 (OEM 9076) € 22,52
238763 Stainless swingarm plate € 45,91
238765 Shock protection plate € 13,00 € 10,39
236172 Rear brake anchor rod € 39,89 € 31,91
236174 Front motor mount € 66,07
236173 Rear motor mount € 47,60
236175 RSD belt guard, raw steel € 81,88
Optional parts
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
236170 Horseshoe oil tank for Sportster Softail frame € 268,58
238000 Fender struts (raw steel) € 109,49
056070 Chrome steering head bearing cups € 38,74
056072 Taper bearing, set contains bearing and outer race, 2 needed (OEM 48300-60) € 24,65
722942 135 tooth belt for use with 29/61 pulley in SuperAss (OEM 40307-00) € 283,81
339107 Chrome axle adjuster set (OEM 47577-86, 47579-86 and 7783) € 36,37
710606 Shock mounting kit, zinc € 26,66
710607 Shock mounting kit, chrome € 41,26
710011 Harrison Billet 4 piston Rear Custom caliper kit € 517,37
710013 Harrison Billet 6 piston Rear Custom caliper kit € 617,39
721402 PM Rear Custom caliper kit, polished € 554,20

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